What is culinaria?

Culinaria is San Antonio’s premiere food + drink go-to for events, openings and in-the-know kind of conversations. Culinaria has a mission of telling the tales of Restaurants, Wineries and the Beverage Scene.

Where does the money go?

To the Mission above. IT also goes to local High Schools for Culinary Programs and Education, an Endowment Fund for Hospitality Students at the University of Houston, the Culinary Institute and our local community through a program called Chefs for Chefs.

Do I have to be 21 to attend?

No. We have water as well. In the case that one of our events is 21 and only, we will indicate that on the event details.

Can I get a refund?

No. Why would you need one? We understand that things happen, but there are no refunds here. Give them to your favorite people and make them happy!


Can I intern or work there?

Maybe, if you’re cool enough and you don’t have typos on your resume. Although be forewarned, it’s not all drinking and schmoozing. There’s a lot of hard work to help our wine and food community shine like the diamond that it is.

How do i get tickets?

Buy them, on Eventbrite. There’s a link under each event. We also have Ticket Packages and Day Passes.


I’m a Chef, can I participate?

Absolutely, call us or slide in to those DMs.

can I be a sponsor?

A resounding Yes. Call us or just send a check, we like both. But remember, we like to understand your goals and how we can best achieve them. So let’s chat!