Tasty Tuesdays!



You wanted more and we’re serving it up Restaurant Week Style! Tasty Tuesday is our latest and greatest Marketing Initiative for Restaurants - we’re trying to get those Tuesday nights full on the books and dining in your restaurants instead of going home!

As per the usual, we exist to help make San Antonio Talent shine brightly like the Texas stars that you are, but we also want you healthy and feeling successful. So welcome to Tasty Tuesdays!

To entice them, we ask that you do a few things:

  • $30 Three course menu for Dinner (send us your menu for the website - this is how they ALL decide where to dine

  • $15 Three course for lunch

  • Share on your social Media (Team Work Makes The Dream Work)

  • No giveback | Cost $100 (For Marketing)

  • Continue through Restaurant Weeks - this will be extra incentive to dine out on Tuesdays even then!